Thursday, September 3, 2015

Helios Self Tanning Towels

Helios self tanning towels are absolutely amazing! One because they are made with natural products, and two because they create a nice even tan all over your entire body. Plus they are like the size of a hand towel instead of a cream that gets all nasty and turns your body orange. I don't use tanning beds because skin cancer runs in my family, nor do I try to tan all day long in the sun either. I use the same SPF as my son does to keep myself protected. I have tried creams before and I was unhappy because they were always turning me too orange, I've tried spray tans but there are so many chemicals. But Helios works great for me. I absolutely love them! I have already recommended them to a few people. The best part is that once you put it on it keeps working so your body continues to tan. Now I do live in Florida and the directions say don't get wet for 6-7 hours but here that was impossible so I noticed a tiny spot that came off, or I guess you could say was a little lighter, but that was because I had only done it 2 hours before. Next time I'll remember to do it before bed or right when I wake up. Florida is just so unpredictable with the weather. And as most of you know I try to use the more natural products for myself and my son. I'm trying to get my hubby too as well. The towels start at $14.99 which is more affordable than any spray tan and lasts a lot longer. They also have a deal right now, buy 10 get 2 free! That's a great deal! And so worth it! You can visit their facebook page and give them a like at Helios Facebook Page or you can visit their website to place an order, which I recommend you do quick at And this I am quoting from their webpage so you can see how natural they are "Helios is gluten, sulphate and paraben free, using only certified organic ingredients, including: dihydroxyacetone or DHA, the only FDA-approved sunless tanning ingredient sourced from European suppliers. In addition, Helios enhances DHA tanning performance with certified organic aloe, jojoba and avocado oils. Tanning results last up to 10 days. The solution will not rub off on clothing or bedding." Here's a few photos of what the packaging looks like, I will add a before and after when this one wears off because I didn't think to do it first. There goes that mommy brain again! ;)

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